Assumption School Manchester

Fully accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges

Contact Information

Administration                                                 Email Address                                           Phone
Rev. John E. Pahl, Pastor                                              – – –                                              860-643-2195
Mrs. Marguerite Ouellete, Principal                       860-649-0889
Mrs. Kathleen Melody, Secretary                             860-649-0889
Phone messages may be left for any faculty member at 860-649-0889
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Mrs. June Edwards, Pre-K Teacher                                     
– – – 
Mrs. Dianna Dudzinski, Pre-K Assistant                              
– – – 
Ms. Valerie Galinski, Pre-K Assistant                                 
– – –
Ms. Bobbie Preston, Pre-K Assistant    
Mrs. Mary Mitchell, Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Liz Barry, Kindergarten Assistant                                
– – –
     Grade One
Ms. Karen Lavoie, First Grade Teacher 
Grade Two
Sr. Joan Marie, SCMC, Second Grade Teacher
Grade Three
Mrs. Karen Boucher, Third Grade Teacher
Grade Four
Mrs. Mary Forde, Fourth Grade Teacher
Grade Five
Mrs. Alda Smith, Fifth Grade Teacher  
Grades Six, Seven, and Eight
Mrs. Lisa Bonanno, 6th Grade Homeroom
Mr. Jonathan Judd, 7th Homeroom      
Sr. Loreto, SCMC, 8th Grade Homeroom
Specialty Faculty
Mrs. Patricia Secor, Spanish               
Ms. Bobbie Preston, Technology Teacher
Mr. Glenn D. Costello, Physical Education
Mrs. Alda Smith, Art and Music                                          –
– –
Ms. Amy Davis, School Librarian                                        – – – 
Mrs. Virginia Eurich, Future Musicians, Inc.      
                         – – –
Mrs. Jeanne Fogg, Food Service Director                            – – –
Mrs. Lynne Kumnick, School Nurse